Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alternative Energy Update

IBM to Push CIGS Cells as Cheap Alternative to Silicon
All the major players are now focusing on solar.. As long as oil prices head higher the green movement is going to accelerate.  There are two huge advantage to solar, one the learning curves are faster than any type of energy play, two implementation is faster than any other type of energy use.  Efficiency rates are improving and costs are coming down in spite of energy cost rising ten time in the past decade.
Backward looking governments will look for more oil, uranium and coal to solve problems while the private sector forges ahead..  The green movement will simply continue to grow because of price, and top of that they are the fastest growing industries in the world..
One other aspect that many people seem to miss is that the poorest parts of the world have an abundance of solar radiation.. 
 As Dr. Scheer said, "the price of fossil energy will only go up, going forward, and renewable energy costs will only go down. Anyone who relies on traditional fossil energy does so at their own peril."
Did you notice the Fuel costs...FREE


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